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Please respect the following rules for all fields. Note that some facilities also have additional restrictions listed that must also be followed.

  • Garbage containers do not exist at most facilities. Do not leave any garbage behind when you leave -- even if it isn't yours. Take extra care to remove any hazardous items (i.e.: bottlecaps, glass) to avoid injury to others.
  • By law, alcohol is not permitted at any league field, and can lose us our ability to play there.

If field are lost due to the actions of a particular player or team, they will be removed from the league.

There is also a map of all fields available.

Facility Actions


Spiplex [turf] Layout
Trent Eastbank [grass] Layout
Trent Stadium [turf] Layout


Adam Scott [grass] Layout
Holy Cross [grass] Layout
King Edward Park [grass] Layout
St. Peter's High School [grass] Layout
TASS [turf] Layout


Bridgenorth [grass] Layout
Bridgenorth New [grass] Layout


Lakefield College [grass] Layout
Lakefield High School [grass] Layout


Fleming Turf [turf] Layout

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